Ingo Meller

starve and delight

Opening March 7, 2013, 7 pm

Introduction: Dr. Jörg Daur, Museum Wiesbaden

Exhibition until May 11, 2013


Ingo Meller is concerned with basic elements of painting: canvas, color and paint.

The shape of his canvases is based on the course of its woven threads, which are glued directly onto the gallery walls, and therefore become on-wall paintings.

The color of the raw canvas and the lack of a traditional frame emphasize the flatness of the picture and let the painting appear particularly plastic and material.


The different types of oil paint are ready-to-use products from various manufacturers, which have been selected for each particular image, and are used in an

unmixed way. Usually three or four different tones are combined. Their composition is determined before the actual work on the painting begins. Here, each color

is applied in more than one relation: The color of the canvas relates to the colors of the paint and to the mesh resulting from the various brushstrokes. The painter

rapidly executes the brush-strokes, which are set vertically or horizontally on the canvas. The color setting is an unrepeatable result of the moment, which cannot

be improved or removed. Gestures, calculation and experience are specifically unidentifiable.


In his work, Ingo Meller invites us to bear in mind two things: The unfinished and the perfect. The works appear unfinished, as there is no final painted layer but just the rough

surface of the canvas and the coarse paint. At the same time, they are perfect, as they are perceived in the eyes of the viewer as a whole, as an image. He can revel

in it, but it is nothing more than canvas, paint, and paint application, to which the viewer is thrown back again.



Last group exhibition participation at BKFA:


Callum Innes, Ingo Meller, Wilhelm Mundt, Robert Zandvliet, Rémy Zaugg

May 04 until July 28, 2012



Ingo Meller, 2010-27


93,8 x 76,4 cm

Oil on canvas

Dianthusrosa, Williamsburg

Elfenbein, Akademie 200

Silber, Winsor & Newton 617

Price on request



Ingo Meller, 2010/05


190 x 148,9

Oil on canvas




Ingo Meller, 2011-10


94,1 x 72,5 cm

Oil on canvas

Price on request



Ingo Meller, 2010-01


94,4 x 72,5 cm

Oil on canvas

Price on request



Ingo Meller, 2010_03


94,6 x 73,6 cm

Oil on canvas

Price on request



Ingo Meller, 2010


Oil on canvas

190,3 x 144,9cm

Cölinblau, Rubens 536

Königsblau hell, Mussini 485

Scheveninsblau hell, Scheveningen 40

Königsblau dunkel, Mussini 486

Lichtblau, Pebeo 33

Kadmiumpurpurrot, Scheveningen 25

Kobalttürkisgrün, Scheveningen 266

Kobaltgrün dunkel, Scheveningen 267

Price on request





Oil on canvas

95,6 x 73cm

Schillerndes Weiß, Winsor & Newton 330

Fleischfarbe, Winsor & Newton 257

Lichtrot, Pebeo 32

Gold, Winsor & Newton 283

Medivalgelb, Mussini 207

Königsblau hell, Mussini 485

Leuchttürkis, Pebeo 38

Silber, Williamsburg

Phthaloblau, Pebeo 11

Ultramarinrosarot, Scheveningen 187

Kadmiumgelb hell, Grumbacher 33

Phthalotürkis, Winsor & Newton 526

Price on request






Oil on canvas

95,5 x 74cm

Permanentgrün hell, Rubens 544

Scheveningenblau hell, Scheveningen 40

Zitrongelb, Michael Harding 108

Gold, Winsor & Newton 283

Schillerndes Weiß, Winsor & Newton 330





Other works availabe on request