Books and Catalogues, published by us or in Cooperation:

Jerry Zeniuk, Not for your living room

Daniele Buetti, "Maybe You Can Be One of Us", 2008, EUR 39,80
Daniele Buetti, Monografie, EUR 35
Daniele Buetti, Katalog Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, EUR 25

Tom Früchtl, not unreal, EUR 29,90
Kyungwoo Chun
Peter Schlör, DEEP BLACK, 2006, EUR 20
Peter Schlör, Bildfolgen 1999 - 2003, EUR 10
Margret Eicher, "Radically Constructive", 2007, EUR 22,80
Margret Eicher, "Nothing Is Real", 2006, EUR 29,80 

Ralf Peters, Catalog 2015
Ralf Peters, "Night / Colours", 2011
Ralf Peters, "Until Today", 2010, EUR 39,80
Ralf Peters, "Plastische Fotografie", sold
Albrecht Schnider, Die Rückseite des Spiegels, 2011, EUR 30
Marie-Jo Lafontaine, "Lost Paradise", EUR 28