Terms and Conditions


Conditions of Payment and Delivery


These terms of payment and delivery are obligatorily on the course of business, in particular offers, consignments for inspection, calculations, invoices and sales with and are expressly recognized by the customer and by the supplier. Deviations require the written agreement. With nonacknowledgement of these conditions each offer and each delivery of BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH must be rejected, and by return of post sent back, otherwise a contradiction is not raised.




Orders apply only with the confirmation of order as accepted. The confirmation of order takes place generally without special mention with the rendering of invoice.




The prices are indicated exclusive in EUR and contain the respective value added tax. Individual objects are subject to the difference taxation. The value added tax is not separately proven with these objects. In these cases the customer in the offer to it one refers.


Terms of payment


The invoice amount is to be paid direct after rendering of invoice without departure from discount payment. With delay of payment interests at a value of 5 % over the respective rate of discount of the European Central Bank are to recompense starting from maturity of the calculation. The asserting of further damage caused by default is thereby not excluded. It is considered the day, on which the credit note announcement is received with us, as receipt of payment. As if a substantial degradation in the financial circumstances the of the client become admit or if it come with the the payment into delay, then Galerie Bernhard Knaus GmbH has the the right, to require immediate payment of all open, also the not yet due invoices and hold back not yet delivered artworks.


Retention of title


The supplied artworks remains up to the complete payment of the agreed price or up to the redemption of the cheques given for it our property in accordance with § 455 BGB. It may before the complete payment or before the the final credit note of the given cheque without agreement the of the BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH neither pawned, nor used as guarantee.




Should BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH through circumstances which it is not to blame for, not supplied by its suppliers (artist, dealer, gallery), BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH and the customer are justified of the resignation of the contract. Each delivery takes place at expense and danger of the receiver and/or orderer. The danger turns into on the receiver and/or orderer, if the commodity leaves the business premises of BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH. Starting from an order value of EUR 200, -- the conclusion of a transport insurance is obligating debited to the receiver and/or orderer. If the orderer and/or receiver does not give a special instruction, we do not take over an obligation for cheapest or fastest dispatch. Returns to BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH take place at expense and danger of the sender. Unauthorized returns are not accepted and are sent back at expense and danger of the back transmitter at these. Artworks are only delivered after complete receipt of payment.


Delivery time


BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH strives for fastest possible distribution of the works of art. Dates of delivery mentioned to our clients are assured to us due the dates of delivery specified by the respective artist. For excess of the delivery time be BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH not responsible, if these are by circumstances, which BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH is not responsible for.




Descriptions of characteristic for works of art by BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH do not represent a warranty. BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH is not responsible for material defects of the works of art, unless it were to blame for the incorrect description of object. BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH transfers hereby its, from an injury of the commission or sales contract, possibly which are entitled requirements against the deliverer, to the customers. For new produced works of art (in particular photographies) applies: If the product is unsatisfactory or if assured characteristics are missing to it, then BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH is first, under exclusion of all other requirements, obligates after its choice to rework or replacement. When failing rework or replacement the customer can require for its choice reduction of the sales price (decrease) or cancellation of the sales contract (changing). Requirements for compensation remain unaffected. Objections and lack has the customer within 14 days after receipt in writing by letter, fax or E-Mail to communicate. Otherwise the client loses its relevant warranty claims. For commodity damaged or lost on the route of transportation  the receiver must announce immediately the damage to the transportation leader.




The right of the buyer, who is not a consumer, to ask for compensation that is higher than the compensation of the purchase price, in the case of the delay of delivery by BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH or the impossibility of the delivery, is excluded.




All of BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH in the Internet, in illustrations or in other media published works of art and other contents, are subject to the copyright/copyright. It applies the German copyright law. Each use, duplication and utilization of the illustrations are not permitted without written agreement of BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH.




All offers that BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART GmbH makes are not-binding. Intermediate sale and price adjustment we reserve ourselves up to the fixed sales.


Business relations to commercial business partners


For all business relations to artists, galleries, art-dealers and other commercial and freelance business partners, whose supplies we take up, or that we supplie, and that are not located in the Federal Republic of Germany, we take as a basis the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG Contracts for the International Sale of Goods). These can be seen on the following pages:


Area of jurisdiction/place of delivery


Place of delivery and area of jurisdiction for all requirements and law cases are Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The court of Frankfurt am Main will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute.


Applicable right


For the interpretation of these trading conditions is determining the German version. If a condition of the contract should be invalid, the remaining conditions are not affected of it.


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